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Winter Training: PCBR Style

PCBR Team Members: Mike Burton and Andrew McCloskey

Winter, yes please!

For a lot of us winter is coming in hot… or cold?!? get what I mean. Here at Park City Bike Racing (PCBR) in Park City, UT winter is something that is more than welcomed. While bike season goes into hibernation team members choose 3 main activities to keep and improve their fitness for the Spring season:

Strength and Mobility Training

Indoor Trainer

Nordic Skiing

PCBR Team Member: Jay Burke

Strength and Mobility Training

If there is only one option to pick as a Winter training option we suggest it’s Strength and Mobility. PCBR team members have been fortunate to work with Off The Mountain (OTM) here in Park City, UT. OTM’s mission is to keep people out on the mountain by strength training and building joints that can handle the activities we all love.

Here’s Ben Vantresse from OTM (Owner and Trainer):

“One of the best things a cyclist can do during the winter is to strength train. Several PCBR team members have had the opportunity to train with Off The Mountain here in Park City, UT. OTM has helped members overcome injuries and have moved the needle with performance training.

Two of the main benefits of strength training are increasing your strength to weight ratio (increased power on the bike) and moving in different ways than cycling provides (injury mitigation). Everyone can use more power and the simplest way to do this is to begin a strength training program. By strengthening the entire body you are creating a healthier, more robust human. A healthier human can have more fun and play harder on the bike.”

PCBR Team Members: Sam Sweetser and Erin Sweetser

Indoor Training

No indoor trainers on a powder day! That's a thing, right? In all seriousness indoor training with a structured training plan can set you up for an amazing riding season. Structured plans are efficient and the most effective way to meet your season goals. Smart trainers and training apps have made this option a lot more convenient in recent years. Having workouts customized and differentiated allows more time to do other things like ski pow!!!

After choosing your coach/training app/plan, setting your space up is key. Here are our top suggestions for having a dialed indoor set up:

Towel or Towels - You are going to sweat…a lot. So, make sure to have your towel or towels on hand. These can be used to wipe your face, arms, legs or anything else. These can also be strategically placed on your bike so that all that sweat is not pouring down onto your drivetrain or other expensive parts. Your handlebars (as seen in pic) are another place people like to place a towel.

Fan - You are going to sweat…a lot. Having a fan with a remote is a pro move.

Yoga Mat - You are going to sweat…a lot. I feel like that may have been mentioned already? The pro move is to set the mat up under your bike so you don’t have to mop your floor every workout!

TV, Monitor, Audiobook or Podcast - Staring at your wall is not that fun. Especially for those longer workouts. This is a great time to use a streaming service, catch up on your favorite podcast or listen to a new Audiobook.

Water and Fuel - Don’t let not moving, your fan and towels fool you! It’s important to remember you are still working hard! So, stay hydrated and don’t forget to consume those carbohydrates. Another pro tip, now is a perfect time to try different products and see what works for you. For example, pick up a Starter Pack from PROBAR and you get all their products to see which options you love!

Significant Other Sitting Next to You, Working - You don’t really need this. But, I love this pic from team members Erin Sweetster (on bike) and Sam Sweetser (on computer) that gives you a glimpse of what it's like when the twins are finally asleep.

PCBR Team Member: Libby Ellis and her Mom

Nordic Skiing

First, if you have never tried Nordic Skiing know that it is super fun. Second, know that it is very very hard! But, you are reading this because you can do hard things and seek out hard things to do!

Nordic Skiing, specifically skate skiing, is so fun! There are a number of team members that choose this as their number one choice for cardiovascular fitness during the winter months. PCBR team members Libby Ellis (shown in pic w/mom) and Rose Kjesbo both skied collegiately and crush. That said, it does not matter if you have been Nordic skiing your whole life or for a few years the pain is the same…but some may move a bit faster than others.

Here are our top five reasons you should Nordic Ski this winter:

  1. Some say it is “the best cardiovascular activity known”. Mic drop.

  2. Gliding on snow could be the best thing ever.

  3. Super efficient workout as you are activating so many things/muscles!

  4. It is considered a “low impact activity”. Once again, sliding on snow is the best thing ever.

  5. You get to be outside in the winter.


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